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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pskytower radar forecast is next. a woman accused in the hit and run crash that p>> a woman accused in the hit pand run crash that killed a tow ptruck driver is getting ready to pface a judge. pthank you for joining us. pthe florida highway patrol says pthe search is over for the prime
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pallison huffman was taken into pcustody last night in pinellas pcounty. pshe's accused of hitting and pkilling a tow truck driver who pwas helping a motorist on the phoward frankland bridge. pthe latest charge adds to her phistory of problems on the road. pshayla reaves reports, she's pgetting ready to face a judge pfor this latest case. p>>reporter: right now allison phuffman is being held in the inellas county jail. pshe's facing a charge for pleaving the scene involving pdeath and we learned it's a tip pthat led to her behind bars. plet me take you back to the pscene. pright now you are looking at psome video captured there of the romenade apartments less than pfive miles from the pinellas pcounty jail. psomeone alerted police just pafter 9:00 last night. pofficers arrived at the complex pand held huffman until florida phighway patrol can take her into pcustody. pthe arrest came hours after pinvestigators found the damaged pvehicle registered to huffman in
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ptampa hotel. pauthorities tell us she is psuspected of loafing the scene pof a hit and run crash. pone that left a tow truck poperator dead and his customers pshaken. pnow that tow truck operator has pbeen identified as 43-year-old pbirato. phe leaves behind a wife and pdaughter. paccording to fhp, huffman may phave taken a cab to seminole phard rock casino after the pcrash. pright now they have not released pany information about whether or pnot they believe alcohol may phave played a factor or role at pall in this crash. pbut we did check records and we pfound that hillsborough county, pallison huffman has been parrested three times in the past pfor d.u.i. pof course, we'll continue to pkeep you posted as we learn any pfurther details. preporting here at the pinellas pcounty jail, shayla reaves, fox p13 news. p>> thank you. phillsborough deputies are psearching for a man who robbed pstore.
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pk around 10:30 last night. olice say he ran behind the pcounter, demanded lottery ptickets and cash from the clerk pand they say he had a gun inside pa sock. pthe man took off with the money pand lottery tickets. pif you have any information, pcall the hillsborough county psheriff's office. palso the united nations psecretary council says former pu.n. secretary general has assed away at the age of 93. pthe veteran egyptian diplomat pwas credited with helping pnegotiate his country's landmark eace deal with israel. ptoday members were asked to rise pfor a moment of silence in ptribute. phe was 93 years old. pdid you hear the thunder povernight? pit woke me up. pi'll bet it did some of you, ptoo. pquick storms rolled through the pbay area very early this pmorning. pit didn't last long but knocked pout power. plightning may have sparked a ptrailer fire. ptwo people inside were able to pget out quickly and they are pokay. pdamaging weather in the anhandle destroyed more than a
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pthis is what it looked like povernight near century. ptrees and power lines were pripped from the ground, even a ptanker truck flipped over. pone 94-year-old woman was ptrapped in her home and pneighbors had to cut through pdebris and chain saw just to get pher out. pmeanwhile, in the northeast, a pbig winter storm has cancelled phundreds of flights today pleaving many stranded. pthat includes a frontier flight pstuck in philadelphia. pken reports, passengers were psupposed to be back home in ptampa right now. pbut instead, they're not sure pwhen they'll get to leave. p>>russell: a lot of commuters pare having a tough time at this phour. pone particular frontier flight phas been stuck in philly last pnight. pa lot of folks there trying to pget home to tampa bay but at pthis point, it's a no go. ptheir flight was delayed because pof snow along the east coast. pthat's a lot of inconvenience pfor a lot of people.
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pthat long presidents day week. pbecky is stuck in philly with pher son jacob on the frontier pflight. pseems like it's just been one roblem after another. pfirst a delay because of snow pand then the plane can't take poff because of mechanical roblem last night so everyone peventually files into the pterminal and tempers at this oint become very, very short. p>> 200 people were in the -- off pthe plane and then nothing is phappening so now people are pstarting to get irate, people pare yelling and the police show pup and they're there because eople were just getting crazy phome. eople have jobs, you know, they phave to get to. p>>reporter: they're trying to pget home but that's contingent pon the airlines and the weather. pthe last i heard, they were ptaking off a little while from pnow at 1:00 in the afternoon. pif all goes as planned, they pshould be back home late
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plet's just keep our fingers pcrossed. pback to you. p>> what a mess. pjim web ser tracking the system pthat brought snow to the pnortheast and storms here. pi feel a little guilty, jim, pbecause it's beautiful in tampa pright now. p>>jim: it is beautiful but going pback on the radar, this is the pscene as of 11:00 last night. pwe had a big storm off the east pcoast. pnow, we put it into motion. pyou can watch right around pmidnight, 1:00 in the morning, pstarting to see the rain, some pheavy storms along the pcoastline. pyou heard that thunder povernight. pwe had a little spin with the pcells right there so for a time, pwe were worried about maybe some ptornados trying to develop. pwe had severe thunderstorm pwarnings but you can see we had ptornado warnings to the south pand tornado warnings to the east pbut luckily, right over west pcentral florida, no problems pwhatsoever. pabout as quickly as this moved pin, it moved out of here. pyou can see what's left of it, psome storms down across the pflorida straits and over to the pbahamas but still on the pnorthern end of this, still roblems across the northeast.
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pcan also see some gusty winds in hiladelphia, winds are out of pthe south right now at 25, pcurrently gusting to 39 miles an phour so they continue with gusty pwind at least for several hours. pthe snow has pushed further on ptoward the west so from buffalo pup towards watertown, basically pwestern new york, western ennsylvania, that is where the psnow is as this area of low ressure will continue to ride pvery quickly on towards the pnorth and the east. pnow, we've got some better plooking weather the next several pdays. pwe'll have that complete pforecast in a little bit. p>> thank you. pbradenton's first female police pchief will be sworn in this pafternoon. pmelonie is set to replace the pchief who was retiring after 13 pyears. pshe's been 29 years with the st. etersburg police department and pwas most recently assistant pchief there. pher ceremony is today at 3:00. pif you plan on voting in the residential primary on march p13, today is the deadline to pregister and also your last
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pstate. pyou have to be registered as a prepublican or democrat to cast a pballot. pchanging is available online pthrough the state division of pelections and you can find pcopies at the local elections psupervisors office or any public plibrary or government office. pfans are buying tickets today pfor beyonce's upcoming show in ptampa. pshe is facing backlash elsewhere pright now for her super bowl erformance and why many say ptaylor swift is a big winner
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3 today in washington there's a new government virus. p>> today in washington there's a pgovernment workshop on fighting pthe zika virus. pthe goal is to look at pinformation. pthe virus is present in at least p25 countries, including u.s. pmost people barely show symptoms pbut it can cause serious birth pdefects in pregnant women and pthat's why the world health porganization has declared it a ublic health emergency. phere at home experts say the pbest way to prevent the spread pof diseases like zika is by rotecting yourself. pdr. jo shows us one local pcompany working around the clock pto keep up with the demand. p>> as the zika virus continues pto spread, workers are feeling
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p>> we heard the word zika and we pare on 24/7 right now. p>>reporter: they supply insect prepellants online and to pretailers across the country and pwhile their products are mainly psold for camping, mosquito prelated diseases like zika are pcausing their market to expand. p>> our feedback from store $ ptheir sales have already pdoubled. pwe have one retailer who put 500 pbottles on the floor and in 24 phours sold out. p>>reporter: protecting yourself pbegins with wearing light pcolored clothes that cover your pbody. pmore. p>> the mosquito, if it wasn't paggressive, it would just fly paway. pif it's aggressive, it will land pon this and die. p>>reporter: there's another ptrick to make it last longer. p>> if you're not using this, put pit in a dark closet or put a pdark bag over it. p>>reporter: when it comes to prepellants, the pier the
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plasts. pthey say four ingredients found pin several commercial products plike skin so soft, cutter and pothers can keep them away. pwhile all are effective, avery pbelieves bicardin will some day pbecome preferred over deet. p>> we're the only country in the pworld where deet is the primary prepellant. p>> deet is the choice of the pu.s. military. pwhen it comes to keeping our pbugs from bugging you, he thinks pbicardin has an edge. p>> if you're travelling to south pamerica, central america, it icks up a species of mosquitos pon there. p>> while repellants are mainly pused on your skin, it's okay to pspray bicaridin on your clothes. pwhen it's deet, be careful. p>> you can spray it on the pclothes but not natural fibers.
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pof that stuff. pit will melt it. p>> in entertainment news, right pnow a lot of fans are trying to pget their hands on tickets to pbeyonce concert coming to tampa pin april. pdemonstrators are gathering in pmanhattan to protest what pthey're calling beyonce's panti-police super bowl erformance outside nfl pheadquarters where they're rotesting. pthey're angered by her erformance that referenced the pblack lives matter movement. pthey're staging all day outside pof midtown. pthey call it a race baiting pstunt that glorified a hate pgroup and slap in the face for plaw enforcement. panti-anti-bow beyonce protest prally has also been scheduled. pit was a big night for taylor pswift.
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pduring her acceptance speech, pshe appeared to make reference pto kanye west. p>> there are going to be people palong the way who will try to pundercut your success or take pcredit for your accomplishments por your fame. p>> you all know the history. pit seemed like swift was preferencing one of kanye west's pnew songs where he claims he pmade her famous. pswift also won grammys for best op album, best music video, bad pblood. pmichelle has the highlights from plast night. p p>> it was a night to celebrate pthe best music and pay tribute pto legends no longer here as the p58 gramry awards handed out ptheir top honors. puptown funk featuring bruno mars pwas the night's big winner ptaking home the top prize of precord of the year.
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p>> taylor swift's 1989 won album pof the year and the night's pleading nominee, kendrick lamar pgarnered five trophies, pincluding best rap album. p p>> kicking off a night of ptributes, lionel richie's hits. pstevie wonder and panatonix phonored earth, wind and fire. peagles harmonized "take it easy" pfor glen frey. p p>> lady gaga did a visual ptribute to the late rocker, p p>> and they sang to bb king. ped sheeren's "thinking out loud" pwon for song of the year as well
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p>> memorable solo, duet and erformances from adele, carrie punderwoot, sam hunt, little big ptown and taylor swift. pjohnny depp and alice cooper procked the house performing as pthe hollywood vampires. pand an emotional trainor took phome top honors. p>> my producer and i were ptalking about the grammys. psomething tells me, jim, you robably were not watching last pnight? p>>jim: you're right. pi was busy watching that radar. psomebody has got to watch it. p>> thank you for that. p>>jim: luckily everything worked pout just fine. pwe had some big thunderstorms pthrough the overnight hours but retty amazing how quickly this pmoved in. pand within two, 2 1/2 hours, it pwas all out of here. pwe're back to a beautiful plooking day. plook outside right now.
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pbrookdale bayshore camera. preally not a cloud in the sky. pwe'll see a couple today but preally, plenty of sun, nice mild ptemperatures and humidity which pkind of went up yesterday and pinto the evening hours, that is pheading right back down so back pweather. poutside right now at noon, we're pat 71 degrees. pa 58 for the dew point and phumidity at 63%. pwinds are currently out of the pwest-southwest at eight miles an phour but as we go through the pafternoon, they'll turn more ptoward a northwesterly direction pwhich will help to bring down pmore of that comfortable, dry pair. ptemperatures upper 60s and low p70s. pbrooksville accident you're at p69 degrees. pnew port richey has a 68. pclearwater has a 72. pst. petersburg at 70 degrees. plow to mid 70s across the psouthern part of the state and psome low 60s and even some 50s pshowing up across the panhandle. anama city and back into
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plook at the dew points, these ptemperatures in the 40s and 50s. pyesterday we brought the dew oint in the atmosphere back up pto the 60s so you're just pstarting to notice, maybe a plittle bit on the humid side. pnow we're going to bring that pdry air right back down the pstate and bring the nice weather pall the way across the state and pit's going to stick around preally for a nice long while. pwe're not talking about a couple pof days. robably for the next, say, five pto six days we're going to retty much see this kind of pweather. pthere the front continues to pwork down towards the south. pyou can see what's left of the pstorms, either east of the pbahamas or down towards the pflorida straits and then on that pnorthern side, still dealing pwith the storms. pyou can see some very gusty pwinds up across new york city, pback into philly, the rain has pnow come to an end near pwashington, washington, d.c. but pstill some pretty heavy rain pmoving through philly, heading ptowards new york and then as you pmove on towards the west, it
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pfreezing rain and snow in pwestern pennsylvania and into pextreme western new york. pnow, this low is going to pcontinue to race on towards the pnortheast so we'll still deal pwith windy weather but things pwill wind down through the pafternoon hours and lots of cold pair on the map but it's really pall bottled up to our north. pwe're going to see some pretty pmild temperatures the next pseveral days because there's no pmechanism to really push a lot pof that cold air down over us. pwatch it on future cast. pthe front from last night, that pcontinues to move away. pjust a reinforcing front is pgoing to bring more of the dry, leasant air over us. phigh pressure will settle in pacross the southeast so we'll pget back to more of an easterly pwind, a few scattered clouds but pnice, mild temperatures during pthe afternoon with daytime highs pall the way into the weekend, retty much sitting in the low p70s so basically we're looking pat normal looking weather. phow about that? pfor today lots of sun, nice,
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pdaytime high of 72 degrees. pthen for tonight, clear and pcool. povernight low down to 52. pfor tomorrow mostly sunny, nice, leasant afternoon with a pdaytime high of 79 degrees. pwinds are out of the northwest. psea twoz to three feet. ponly one tide remains and that's pa high tide at 8:14 this pevening. phere's the seven-day forecast pand just picture perfect weather pall the way through the weekend pand into the first part of next pweek with daytime highs in the plow to mid 70s. p>> thank you. pwhat may look like a piece of aper to you may be a trove of pelse. pwe'll tell you what crooks get
12:22 pm
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pyour old boarding a warning for anyone who has plans to fly... your boarding pass is more than just your ticket onto the plane... it could be p>> if anyone who flies, your
12:24 pm
pyour ticket on the plane. pit's a ticket to identity theft. pthere's a wealth of information pon something most of us just ptoss in the trash. p>> those slips of paper get you ast security and on to your lane are really no good to you ponce you have reached your pdestination. p>> i just throw it away. p>> goes in a pocket and the ocket gets unloaded and peventually they get thrown out. p>> for someone who wants to psteal your identity, your pboarding pass could be a golden pticket. p>> these paper boarding passes, pyou need to think of it as a psecond photo i.d. p>> gaylen leads the national pdefense club of central florida. phe knows what fraudsters can do pwith the information hidden punderneath the bar codes on your pboarding pass. p>> there's your first name, last pname, frequent flier number as
12:25 pm
pso here's all the information. p>> he shows travellers just how pvaluable that little slip of aper can be in the wrong hands. p>> they just don't realize pwhat's in this information. pto them, it's a little block of psqiggly lines. pthey don't comprehend all that pinformation is on there. p>> some people we talked to were psurprised. pwere you aware that could be pdone with your boarding pass? p>> no. p>> it's amazing what you can pgrab from that. p>> george was skeptical. p>> i have bigger things to worry pabout than that. p>> but he let us demonstrate pusing a simple q.r. reader ploaded onto a cell phone. p>> what have we learned about pme? p>> frequent flier number, preservation code. p>> there's a password there. pnow we have this. pwe can go to facebook or other psocial media sites and load up pyour challenge questions. p>> see if i'm stupid enough to p-- p>> armed with the right pinformation, the sky is the plimit. p>> if you had a dedicated enough pfraudster, they could call up
12:26 pm
erson but also use the card pthat you say and you can say i'm pbooking it for a relative and pthey can get the free travel pthemselves. p>> so when you travel, don't pjust throw that boarding pass paway. p>> what should we do with it? p>> they should shred it. p>> shred it. p>> thank you. p>> you'd be surprised to see how pmany people post a picture of ptheir boarding pass on twitter por facebook. pcrooks can assess the same pamount of personal information pfrom a photo as they can from phaving the actual piece of aper. pa dog bark. phe has a lot of tongues wagging pon the campaign trail. pwe'll introduce to you daytona's pbiggest fan. p>> get to 40 or 41 and you
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p>> coming up, the hey, guys, it's annie. you know, as moms, we are always looking for new ways to save money. pwell today, i'm going to share with you pa simple tip that could help you stretch your budget when it comes to your grocery shopping. not bad. pit's easy: bogos from other stores aren't always the best deal, pbut walmart every day low prices, pwell, that could save you some money. tampa, the total amount saved at walmart vs winn dixie was $24.49 in this week's basket - that's 22%. including bogos. give walmart every day low prices a try today.
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p>> we need to get that dog and pfollow him around and every time pthey say these things, like oh, pyou know, the great recession pwas caused by too much pregulation, bark, bark, you pknow? p>> you heard that right. phillary clinton barking like a pdog. pshe was referring to an old pcampaign ad from when bill was prunning for governor of parkansas. pwhile it brought some laughs in pthe crowd, it's now gone viral. pand with just four days to go pbefore polls in south carolina, pnevada, candidates are scramble pto go shore up support. eter is following developments pfrom washington. p>> two former presidents are pstumping on behalf of their pfamily members seeking the phighest office in the land as
12:30 pm
pcould be make or break for some pin the field of presidential phopefuls. p>> there's no doubt in my mind pthat jeb bush has the experience pand the character to be a great resident. p>> jeb bush getting a boost from phis brother, george w. bush, pwhose popularity remains high. pboth bushes have been on the preceiving end of donald trump's ptirades in recent weeks and last pnight in charleston, bush 43 hit pback. p>> there seems to be a lot of pname calling going on but i want pto remind you what our good dad ptold me one time. plabels are for soup cans. p>> bush's predecessor has been pstumping for his wife since last pyear. p>> hillary is running to restore pthe american dream that all pamericans. p>> it's unclear how much the pfamily endorsements actually phelp or hurt the candidates they pseem to support. pboth bush and clinton have not pfaired as well as expected in pthe states that have voted so pfar.
12:31 pm
pnationally, hillary clinton has plost ground in recent polls to pbernie sanders who virtually ptied clinton in iowa and phandedly defeated her in new phampshire. p>> we have gone a long way here pin south carolina. pi think we're going to surprise eople here. p>> sanders is even seeing a pspike in his poll numbers in the psouth and west which have been pconsidered clinton's strongholds psince the beginning of the pcampaign. p>> rush january investigators pare trying to figure out what pcaused a deadly natural gas pexplosion early this morning. pit happened northeast of moscow pin a five story apartment pbuilding. plook at that. pat least six people were killed, pincluding two children. pnine others hurt. pyou can see the big gaping holes pin the building which partially pcollapsed. pmost apartments in russia have pnatural gas for cooking. pcrews are searching through the pdebris. pnot clear if all the people in pthe building have been accounted pfor. panother gas explosion with just pthree people in southern texas
12:32 pm
pofficials say a man was punloading a tanker when the oil pin the truck caught on fire. phe was flown to a hospital and pit's not clear what his pcondition is. ptwo other people were hurt. pofficials evacuated the area pjust as a precaution and let the pfire burn down some before pshutting off a valve. pthe cause is still under pinvestigation tonight. paustin, texas more than a dozen pfamilies are homeless after a pfire this morning. pit happened at an apartment pcomplex in harris county. pthree alarm fire engulfed an pentire building. pto make matters worse, pfirefighters had issues with pwater pressure while putting out pflames. pno injuries have been reported. pred cross is helping those left phomeless by the fire and the pcause is still being looked pinto. pthe daytona 500 is this sunday pand you can watch right here on pfox 13. pwe know one person who won't be pwatching on tv. phis name is ralph brown and he plives here in tampa. pwe'll watch the race in person pat daytona.
12:33 pm
p10th or even 20th to see it in erson. plloyd sowers shows us his long ptime fixation with the 500. p>> i have all the autographs phere. p>> ralph brown has autographs pand photographs from decades of pdaytona 500s. phe's always there. pdo your friends even bother to psaw, are you going this year? p>> not really. pwhat they say about december is, pcan i go with you? p>> he's taken friends and pfamily, his kids of all ages. pthere's photos of ralph at all pages. phe's been to 49 consecutive pdaytona 500s and he's racing ptoward number 50. p>> you get to 40 or 41 and you pthink, you know, i can't stop pnow. p>> his dad took him for the pfirst time in 1967 and he fell
12:34 pm
phe was there in the 1970s. phe got ahold of the pass to the pgarage area, paradise. p>> richard petty and i was pstanding there, do we need to ptune it a little bit? pdo we need to do this? p>> he has pictures of everyone pand memories of great finishes. p>> tail hits him. p>> legendary crash in 1979 pfollowed by a fist fight. pralph saw it. p>> it was something that kind of plike affirmed to me like this is pthe real deal here, you know? pthey're having a knock down, pdrag out on the field. p>> he's seen daytona during six pdecades. p>> best memory of all was in p1998. pthat's when dale earnhardt won pthat particular year. p>> 20 years of trying, 20 years pof frustration. pdale earnhardt will win the
12:35 pm
p>> he had a lot of great times pand some tragedies. p>> he said he's liked all the pdrivers. p>> i won the daytona 500! p>> danica. p>> i'm a big fan of hers. pyou know, we're looking forward pto her winning that first race. p>> to the future. p>> next generation of drivers pcome along, like bill elliott. p>> even with 49 daytonas behind phim, and the 50th just around pthe corner, the finish line pstill isn't in sight. p>> my next mile will be 75 and i pdon't think i'm make that. p>> you never know. p>> but you never know. pthat's right. p>> you never know who will win a pdaytona but you do know which
12:36 pm
pralph is ready for daytona. p>> you can watch the daytona 500 psunday at 1:00 p.m. right here pon fox 13. pif you go to the race, be sure pto look for ralph. pbig changes are coming to tampa pinternational airport. pwhat's in store and how it will paffect passengers.
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
((linda)) they are working hard at tampa international right now... on a major expansion. p>> they're working hard at tampa pinternational on a major pexplosion. plots of bulldozers, cranes and pconstruction workers.
12:39 pm
phas been completed. p>> passengers at tampa pinternational will probably pnever see this brand new pfacility in person. pbut they're bound to feel the pimpact. p>> this is one of the most pimportant support elements for pthe food, beverage and retail pcomponent of the project. p>> in and all of this is sort of pmanaged by a system driven -- p>> receiving and contribution pcenter will be the central pnervous system for the airport's prestaurants and retail pbusinesses. pfor travellers it means a psmoother trip to the airport. p>> as you leave the airport, pyou're no longer transit to the pairport with vehicles, pcommercial vehicles. pthey've all been rerouted to pthis facility. p>> and more choices for dining pand shopping. p>> you'll see awesome new prestaurants. pyou'll see a hard rock cafe. plots of local restaurants. pso we're intrusing people to the pflavor of tampa. pthis building will supply all of
12:40 pm
p>> 65 new restaurants and stores pare set to open up over the next ptwo years. p40% of them with local ties, pgiving travellers a true taste pof tampa. p>> there's been a full evolution pof the passenger experience psince 9/11 so now people like to pget to the airport earlier, pclear through security, spend psome time at the terminal. pnow they're looking for an pexperience they can relate to. pnow we've opened high end prestaurants. eople actually come out early, penjoy a dinner. p>> the distribution center is pjust one piece of the massive pexpansion of t.i.a. which also pincludes a new 1.3 mile long eople mover to carry passengers pto the rental car center and peconomy parking garage. p>> here's a live look outside pright now. pmeteorologist jim weber will phave another check on your pforecast when we come back. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief.
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p>>charley: hey, everybody. pi'm charley belcher from st. etersburg today from a place pcalled mother kombucha and pthat's what they make here. pdo you know what that is? pi didn't before i admittedly met pthese fine folks. pthis story about how you dpies p-- guys created this is pinteresting, too. pyou're a take at home mom, you pwere a stay at home dad. pyou were at a play group with phis wife and now you have this pbusiness. pjosh, how do you explain to eople who say, what is pkombucha? p>> i usually explain it, first pof all, it's a living fermented ptea drink. pa lot of drinks people are ptaking in are going to be asteurized but this one is not. pit's fermented so it's living. pyou're getting the probiotics
12:44 pm
palso a lot of a mean en an -- amino pacids. p>>charley: you take organic, pfree trade ingredients and you pmake a tea out of it and then pthe really kombucha is right pthere which is a live culture. p>> it's a skobie. pit's bacteria and yeast. pand actually the starter liquid pis where most of the living pstuff is. pthis is actually the byproduct. p>>charley: you ferment it. p>> you ferment it and then you premove your culture and you get pyour kombucha. p>>charley: it's almost like a pyogurt. pwe have live cultures in a pyogurt. pit's similar to that sort of pthing. pit doesn't taste like yogurt. pit tastes like tea. p>> like bubbly tea. p>>charley: there's a little pfizz. p>> there's a natural fizz from pthe fermentation and then as
12:45 pm
pcarbonation to seal it. p>>charley: you offer them on tap pand in growlers but this is not pall. pyou have five different flavors pthat you're bottling and one -- pnow that you have kombucha, what pis this? p>> it's switzel. papple cider vinegar, ginger and plocal orange blossom honey. p>>charley: and because of the robiotics and the great pingredients of the teas and the pherbs and flowers, there are eople who definitely say pthere's health benefits to pthese. p>> definitely. p>>charley: anything from a plittle boost of energy to phealing in some parts. p>> i like to drink it when i prock climb.
12:46 pm
plegally as an herb to have their erformance -- for their erformance. p>>charley: it's low sugar and plow caffeine, low calories but pyet a lot of goodness in there. p>> yep. p>>charley: is that just the tea pdoing their thing? p>> the culture, the magic is in phow it all works together so you pstart with sugar but the culture peats out most of the sugar and pwhen it eats that sugar, it pcreates en sglim zymes and good, pdelicious things that are good pfor you and leaves the sugar pbehind. p>>charley: do you home brew, pkids? p>> it's a home brewing kit. pa lot of people like to brew it pthemselves. pit's a give back to the company. pwe would like for them to buy pours but we would also like them pto do their own. p>>charley: it comes with peverything you see here. p>> all you need is the water and psugar. pwe give you directions. pwe also do two hour home brewing
12:47 pm
pfor folks that are a little plittle more. p>>charley: it's interesting. pi'm fascinated by a great local pbusiness and doing quite well. pit's really catching on. pin fact, i would tell you where pto find it but there are too pmany places to go down the list. pthe best thing to do is go to ptheir website. pgo to pwe'll link you to their website pand they also have a facebook age that i attached to my pfacebook page today. pthey're really all over the lace and becoming more and more pin demand. pthank you on the success. pit's a fascinating product and i pencourage you to give it a ptaste. pat the end of the day, it tastes retty good, too. pthat's kind of important. penjoy, everybody. pcharley belcher, fox 13 news. p>> interesting. pi learned something new today. pso jim, looking out the window phere at work, it just looks pbeautiful. pthis, right?
12:48 pm
pit's just amazing. pwe talked about the rain coming pthrough the overnight hours. pit was in here, it was out of phere just about as quickly so plook at the radar because if you pslept through the thunder last pnight, it probably didn't even prealize that you had some big pstorms that moved through last pnight. pyou see it around 1:00, 2:00 in pthe morning. pwe had some storms, severe pthunderstorm warnings for a pshort period of time. peach line of boxes there were ptornado warnings we had last pnight so it moved right on pthrough here. pby 5:00 in the morning we were pbasically done with all the rain pand now we're just looking at psome storms left over down pacross the florida straits pheading over to the bahamas. pskies are clearing out, nice plooking afternoon. pright now we're at 71. pdew point is at 58. phumidity is at 63% and the wind pare out of the west-southwest at peight miles an hour as we go pthrough the afternoon. pthese are going to start to turn pmore towards a northwesterly
12:49 pm
phelp usher in more of the dry, pcomfortable air. pwe've boosted these dew points pover the past 24 hours so it's pstarting to feel a little more phumid outside. pyou see the temperatures pretty pmild, over at brandon, 75 pdegrees. phere in tampa, 71. pnew port richey has a 69. pclearwater at 62 degrees. p50s and low 60s up across the anhandle and then even as you phead down across the southern art of the state, you see ptemperatures only running in the pmid 70s so there's the cold pfront. pthat continues to race on ptowards the east. pyou can see the leftover showers pjust falling apart as they move pon towards the east but on that pnorthern end, still some very pactive weather. pyou can see some pretty heavy pstorms right now, now working pinto new york city, through hiladelphia. pthe rain has come to an end pacross virginia and across pmaryland and then on the western pside, once you get to the west pof that area of low pressure, it pturns into snow from, say,
12:50 pm
pextreme western new york. pso what we're going to see as we pgo through the next couple of pdays is just one more of these plittle reinforcing fronts that pmoves through by tomorrow night. pthat just helps to bring down pmore of the pleasant, dry air. pit's not really bringing any pcold temperatures and then the phigh pressure sets up across the peast and the southeast. pwe'll start to pick up more of pan easterly wind. pthat means quiet conditions, pmild temperatures during the pafternoon, just cool starts with ptemperatures in the 50s. pbasically what we're looking at pis a nice, long stretch of preally some beautiful looking pweather. pso daytime highs as we go pthrough the next several days, peither side of that average high pwhich we consider normal for pthis time of year, it's 72 pdegrees even as we head into pnext week. pwe have plenty of sun and pdaytime highs only running in pthe low to mid 70s. pfor today lots of sun, mild pafternoon. pdaytime high of 72 degrees. pthen for tonight, clear, cool, povernight low of 52 degrees. panother nice looking day for
12:51 pm
pmostly sunny, nice, pleasant day pat 71 degrees. pon the water, winds out of the pnorthwest this afternoon. plight chop on the bay. ponly one tide remains for today pand that's at 8:14 this evening. phere's your seven-day forecast. pyou can see a beautiful looking pweather into the weekend and the pfirst part of next week. pmight get some rain by the time pwe get towards the middle of pnext week. pbut until then, enjoy the pbeautiful looking weather. p>> thank you, jim. pembarking on aviation that broke pdown racial barriers while doing pit. p>> they dial at warp speed pwithout permission. p>> calls will not stop. p>> we'll expose who is accused pof making robo calls. p>> are you surprised? p>> very surprised.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
as we honor black heritage month.. tonight the story of a trailblazer who p>> we have a story of a trail pblazer who opened doors for pafrican americans in the field pof aviation. pjames broke the color barrier pfor airline executives. pjames winton, junior was always pfascinated with aviation. phe was one of the first black pflight instructors during world pwar ii. assing on july 4, independence pday, ben symbolizes the life pspent breaking barriers and pfighting for freedom. p>> he was an amazing man that paccomplished many things in his plife.
12:55 pm
pleft behind a legacy in aviation pand civil rights that will stand pforever. p>> he went through a lot of pstruggles to overcome prejudice pand he did. p>> he broke the color barrier in pthe aviation industry. phe climbed ranks of t.w.a. and pin 1957 became the first black pcorporate executive at a major pairline. pthen in 1971, he was hired as pvice president of eastern pairlines. phe was the highest ranking black pairline executive in the nation. p>> there was many times people pslammed the door in my father's pface but that didn't stop him. phe knew he had the capability, phe was extremely intelligent. p>> his love for aviation began pat the university of new york ilot training program. phe passed with honors and was precruited to go to the army air pfeel. p>> and became an instructor for pthe 99th airmen.
12:56 pm
ilots were heros of world war pii flying combat missions in peurope. pfollowing the war, he faced his pultimate challenge, finding pequal footing in a segregated psociety. p>> there were times in life pwhere he wanted to buy a house pand they didn't want to sell it pto him because he was black. p>> determined to bring change, phe supported the civil rights pmovement. p>> my father was dear friends pwith martin luther king, junior pand it was a struggle. peverything was a struggle. p>> turned away by u.s. airline, phe went overseas to work at a pforeign airline and then came phome when twa discovered his ptalent. p>> my dad used to say, age is pbut a number in and race doesn't pmatter. phe overcame by achieving. p>> james opened a haitian pamerican dry cleaners in haiti pin 1948 and was elected resident of the national ymca. phe died in 1996. phe was 81 years old.
12:57 pm
pthank you, crystal. pthis is my favorite time of pyear. pweather like the next week is erfect. p>>jim: there's very little air pconditioning involved but get poutside, enjoy the weather. pyou're not sweating. plook outside right now because pwhat you see out there right pnow, this is pretty much what pwe're going to see the next five pto seven days. pjust beautiful looking weather. pthese daytime highs comfortable, phumidity under control in the p70s. p>> perfect soccer weather. pthanks, jim. pwe'll keep posting the latest pall day on, ptwitter and facebook. p>>jim: look for more news, pweather and sports beginning at p5:00.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
p>> and i hope kicking off the show in all her glory. >> there's a rumor. >> let all the speculation and the grammies are here. i'm billy bush and the show says hello to a surprise collaboration and one nominee stirring up controversy. we've got your answers. >> it is maggie smith and leonardo dicaprio. >> the huge malibu wedding that had oprah and lady gaga spending the day together.


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